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One of the key reasons small businesses fail is the poor financial literacy of the business owner. In one study, 65% of entrepreneurs whose companies failed cited financial mismanagement as the reason.

It’s imperative that you have a solid understanding of your company’s financials so that you can make the best possible operating decisions.... READ MORE


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Read my latest post: "You're Employees Are Probably Stealing From You. Here Are Five Tips to Put A Stop To It."


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Master the financial management skill of interpreting the information on your company's income statement with this free 12-minute Income Statement Know-How training.

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Step up your company's cybersecurity defenses. Download this free cybersecurity policy template and access other important cybersecurity tools.

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Is your business vulnerable to employee fraud? Cybersecurity fraud? Workplace violence? Take a free assessment right now to see where you stand.

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Get strategies, tips and free tools you can use to protect your most valuable investment--your business. This award-winning book makes it easy for you.

Become a Data-Driven Organization

By Ivy Walker

As business owners, we’re always pursuing the holy grail of growth. Building a better, more profitable business drives each of us to work hard at what we went into business to do. Unfortunately for many of us, while we work really hard pursuing our growth goals, we don’t always work smart. For example, there’s a…

Use a Collaboration Tool to Better Manage Your Team and Boost Productivity

By Ivy Walker

In a peer coaching session that I was facilitating for ten entrepreneurs, Esri, the owner of a small management consulting firm that works with power utilities, expressed a sentiment shared by everyone there. “I have so much work to do and so little time to do it! I constantly feel like my hair is on…

Give Your Employees the Feedback They Crave

By Ivy Walker

Your employees crave feedback. They want to know when they do something well. They also want to know how they can improve. In fact, according to a recent survey, 75% of employees believe feedback on their work is valuable. More than 62% would like feedback weekly or even daily. Despite this, only 33% of small…

Be Slow to Hire and Fast to Fire

By Ivy Walker

I had a great feeling about Jenna. I met her when she came to my company to meet with us about exploring a potential partnership. She was intelligent, polished, and very professional. A few months later, I needed to fill a critical job within a very tight timeframe. I heard she was in the job…

Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Banker

By Ivy Walker

A recent survey of economists concluded that there is a better than 60% chance that the U.S. economy will fall into a recession in 2023. If your response to this is, “sure, that’s what they’ve been saying since last summer,” I’m right there with you. In the past year, we’ve heard all kinds of predictions…