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Beware: Business Email Compromise is Coming for You

By Ivy Walker

Business email compromise is the costliest type of cybercrime, according to Fortune Magazine. A report from the FBI estimates that BEC scams were responsible for more than $2 billion of losses in 2021. That’s a 33% increase over 2020.   What is Business Email Compromise? Business Email Compromise (or BEC) is a type of cyberattack…

Your Small Business Needs a Code of Conduct

By Ivy Walker

Every company needs a code of conduct, regardless of its size. You expect your employees to know right from wrong, but as a business owner, you still need to explicitly communicate your expectations regarding their behavior. You instinctively know that it’s important to tell employees what you expect them to accomplish regarding their workload. It’s…

Small Business Employees Are Hackers’ Secret Weapon

By Ivy Walker

“Hello friend! I have some bad news for you. I have encrypted your files!” Thus begins the ransomware email that could spell utter doom for your business. Cybercriminals are actively targeting small businesses and small business employees are hackers’ secret weapon.   Small Businesses Targeted by Hackers Cybercrime is big business. According to Cybersecurity Ventures,…

One Bad Hire Can Cost You $100,000

By Ivy Walker

When small business owners talk about the risks their companies face, they most frequently mention concerns in areas such as capital (e.g., having enough to fund operations or growth), competition (e.g., being able to stay ahead of what their competitors are doing), or the economy (e.g., being prepared for how an economic downturn will impact…

Employee Fraud is a Big Problem for Small Businesses

By Ivy Walker

Small businesses-particularly those that have fewer than 150 employees-are the most vulnerable to employee fraud schemes. Protecting your business from employee fraud and abuse is an ongoing process that any business owner can master.