Chapter 3 Resources

Prepare for Cyberattack

Global Cybersecurity Alliance Resources

The Global Cybersecurity Alliance has a ton of information about how to protect your small business from cybersecurity threats.

There's so much information on their site and so many tools available, it can feel a bit overwhelming.

They could benefit from adding a "customer journey" approach to help small business owners navigate their information and tools. Until then, I am offering my thoughts on tools that I think you should definitely checkout.

  • 1. SecurityScorecard Security Ratings
    This tool will scan your website and provide a letter score (A to F) and a number rating (out of 100) for your site. It will also tell you what your vulnerabilities are and how to correct them. Takes about 15 minutes and is free to use. Find it here:

  • 2. GCA Set Up 2FA on Your Accounts
    This tool helps you to enable two-factor authentication on your accounts. This is something you should absolutely be doing. Takes about 45 minutes and is free to use. Find it here:

  • 3. Valimail Monitor
    This tool scans your domain to see if any malicious actors are sending emails from your domain. This is important to discover whether fraudsters are hijacking your email and sending emails out as you. Takes about 5 minutes and is free to use. Find it here:

Department of Homeland Security Small Business Cyber Resources

The Department of Homeland Security offers a Cyber Resilience Review (CRR). This process can help an organization to determine where there are gaps in their cyber preparedness. The CRR can be self-administered, or DHS can help to facilitate the assessment. More information about CRR can be found here:

Cybersecurity Policies Template

Your company needs to have a cybersecurity policy and you need to make sure that you train your employees on it so that they know what is expected of them. Remember, the most significant cybersecurity vulnerability any business has is its employees. To get you started, here is a cybersecurity policies template you can download and use. Make any changes you think may be needed for your specific circumstances.

This template has been created and provided by Data Defenders, the company that I use for my IT and cybersecurity needs for my own businesses. You can learn more about Data defenders here