The action plans at the end of chapters one through six in Twelve Minute Risk Management contain references to many resources that will help you take your implementation of the book's recommendations to the next level. You can access those resources by clicking on the appropriate chapter links below.

Chapter 1 Resources

Understanding and Managing Risk

If you would like to take the risk assessments discussed at the end of each chapter start here.

The link below will take you to AskCoda where you will create an account to access the risk assessments. Your results will be saved to your account so that you can return to review or take additional assessments any time you wish.

Chapter 2 Resources

Code of Conduct Resources

A code of conduct is a key document every business should have. It is your opportunity to set expectations for how your employees should behave. It also helps you to set the tone for your organization by sharing with your employees the values that your company stands for.

Chapter 3 Resources

Prepare for Cyberattack

Global Cybersecurity Alliance Resources

The Global Cybersecurity Alliance has a ton of information about how to protect your small business from cybersecurity threats.

There's so much information on their site and so many tools available, it can feel a bit overwhelming.

Chapter 4 Resources

Ensure a Safe Workplace

Risk Assessment

If you haven't already done so, taking the workplace violence risk assessment is a good place to start. You can access the risk assessment by clicking the link below.

Chapter 5 Resources

Defend Your Reputation

Risk Assessment

If you've already taken the AskCoda HR Risk Assessment, then you've received feedback about your social media risk. If not, head over to to take that risk assessment.

Chapter 6 Resources

Code of Conduct Resources

Check out the code of conduct resources provided for Chapter 2: Protect Your Business from Occupational Fraud.

There you will find details about how to write a code of conduct as well as a sample code of conduct.