Chapter 5 Resources

Defend Your Reputation

Risk Assessment

If you've already taken the AskCoda HR Risk Assessment, then you've received feedback about your social media risk. If not, head over to to take that risk assessment.

Acceptable Use of Social Media Policy for your business

If you don't already have a policy governing social media use by your employees, you need to put one in place. Providing guidelines regarding the acceptable use of social media is a must these days to protect your business. To help you with the process of creating one, below you can download policy templates that you can adapt and use. Each one has been drafted or reviewed by an attorney, but you should still take the step of having your attorney review whatever you decide to implement.

Policy Release Kit

Don't spend hours trying to figure out the best way to introduce your new policy. Use the Policy Release Kit to jumpstart your process.
This kit includes the following: