Chapter 4 Resources

Ensure a Safe Workplace

Risk Assessment

If you haven't already done so, taking the workplace violence risk assessment is a good place to start. You can access the risk assessment by clicking the link below.

Employee Workplace Violence Questionnaire

To gauge how your employees are feeling about the safety of their workplace, it can be helpful to engage them and solicit their feedback through a pulse survey. Preview and download information about how to do so here.

Workplace Violence Policy Templates

Workplaces Respond to Domestic Violence
When it comes to developing and implementing policies that address workplace violence, there are many resources available. One of the best that I have seen is a model Workplace Policy on Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, and Stalking developed by an organization called Workplaces Respond to Domestic & Sexual Violence. It's pretty comprehensive. Below is a link to where you can find this policy. Review and adapt as needed for your particular set of circumstances.

My Company's Policy

There are a couple of policies that my company uses for Sexual Harassment, Anti-Discrimination and Workplace Violence. You can preview and download those policies below.